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Farm Journal

June 12, 2010 - My brother got our bush hog cleaned up and attached to the tractorBeardtongue this week so I can mow the pastures and down the drive way. With all the rain we’ve had the grass was almost shoulder high! It’s early to be mowing but the entire season is about two weeks early this year.

Wildflowers have been everywhere. The honeysuckle was so sweet it almost was too much. The locust trees bloomed very fragrant as did the catalpa trees. Before I mowed the flowers down (it is ok to do this in June, they will come back), I took some pictures. Using my much used copy of Robert L. Henn’s Daisy Fleabanebook, “Wild Flowers of Ohio”, I believe I have identified them correctly.

The pasture grasses and clovers are in need of mowing to keep the see heads from bothering the cattle’s eyes. I’ve included a few pictures of the calves and some of my favorite cows. I’ve been “cow sitting” for a neighbor so we have his bull and three cows with two calves plus my Lim-Flex bull, Logan’s Tommy Boy and my small herd. I’ve given them the run of the entire farm this year as there is no way this small amount of animals (12 adults and 6 calves) can keep up with over 40 acres of grass. I miss FWLY Rumors Fawley very much. I have been looking at a couple of replacement prospects, but haven’t made up my mind. Tommy will take over for this year, but I’ll need a purebred Limousin bull if I want to stay in the bull breeding business next year.St. John's Wort

The coyotes are hollering most every night in the valley behind the house. I notice that the cattle spend some time in the creek bottom in the valley during the day but move to the road frontage pasture at night. I think this is to avoid the coyotes. Last year we had one calf mutilated and lost another to coyotes. The calves are old enough now to be very independent minded and I think the cows just don’t want to risk them being attacked.

Smooth RuelliaUno Uno is in need of a hair cut. He’s been on chicken guard duty all spring and doing a very good job. We did loose the Black Cochin rooster but I think it was more from the other two roosters fighting him then anything else.

The other morning I saw him pacing back and forth in front of the gate into the yard. He was very agitated. I looked toward the chicken house thinking their must be a coyote or a fox around, but didn’t see anything. I turned back into the room and my eye was caught by movement on the driveway. Two young buck white tail deer were meandering toward the house. Uno was not going to let deer in his pasture. I opened the window and yelled at them and they took off back the way they had come. Yarrow

Uno gets along ok with the cows but I know he’d like a friend or two. I’m on the hunt for a couple of cashmere goats. I’ve been reading about them, and though they would not bring in much money, the cashmere fleece I’d get from them would be great for my sister’s hand spinning and knitting projects. They are similar to the angoras in that they eat all kinds of noxious weeds like poison ivy and wild roses. They would also be company for Uno.