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Its hard to believe weve been raising cattle here at Locust Grove Farm for ten years. What began as a search for information about lean, heart healthy beef, turned into a breeding stock business for the Limousin breed of beef cattle.

BTAP Thor on the job breeding cows

November morning....All is well.....

Limousin is one of the lean continental breeds of beef cattle. Traditionally Americans have raised the Angus or Hereford beef breeds. These two British beef breeds are known for their marbling (fat throughout the meat). The high fat content of British breed beef overshadows all the nutrient value that has made beef such an important part of the American diet for over 100 years.

In the 1970s Americans began importing the lean Continental breeds from Europe and beef became competitive with pork and chicken for nutritional value as well as being relatively low in fat. Limousin is one of those lean Continental breeds.

A soft November morn....

We chose the Limousin breed because it is one of the leanest and thus lowest fat breeds of beef.  The meat is fine grained and tender with plenty of good beef flavor. 

Morning chores done...Taking a breather....

We also chose Limousin for ease of management.  Limousin is a very hardy breed. Their calves come small and usually unassisted but they grow fast and it is normal to have 500lb plus calves weaned straight off the cow.

Camera-shy Miss Violet

For the first time in ten years we have had coyotes attack our calves.  One calf had half its tail taken off and both of its ears "trimmed". No show career for her. The other died after having its entire tail and back end chewed off. That was truly terrible. We had  attacks two nights in a row, no new attacks in a week - so we borrowed the donkey to help guard the cows - we still have two to calve. However, the donkey is shy and won't leave the barnyard!  We're keeping the cows a little closer to the house for a while.

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